Conditions and Fees

In addition to individual appointments, other services can be offered.  These include:

Letters and reports:  If these are required, the cost will be discussed and agreed in advance.  Costs will include any time needed to score and interpret questionnaires or tests as well as the time required to write the letter or report.

Email correspondence:  There is no fee for emails in which I send you homework assignments or that take me less than 15 minutes to write.  If you would like to enter into more in-depth email correspondence between sessions, then the fee for that is the same as for face-to-face appointments.  Emails to other professionals or agencies will be billed at the same rate as face-to-face appointments.

Telephone calls:  There is no fee for telephone calls to you that take less than 15 minutes.  The fee for longer calls will be the same as that for face-to-face appointments.  Telephone calls to other professionals or agencies will be billed at the same rate as face-to-face appointments.


The fees for individual therapy sessions as well as other types of work (e.g. medical-legal reports) are available upon request. 

Costs for individual therapy may be able to be met through your existing health insurance cover. Please refer to the terms and conditions of your cover.  I currently am registered as an approved provider with Aviva and with BUPA.

If you are meeting the cost of therapy yourself, fees are payable by either cheque or cash at the time of your appointment.  There is no facility for paying by debit or credit card at this time.


72 hours notice of cancellation required; otherwise, there may be a 50% charge for cancelled appointments.  There may be a full charge for cancellations within 24 hours. There will be a full charge for missed appointments.


Like all health professionals, Clinical Psychologists are bound by professional guidelines of confidentiality and consent. This means that information discussed during your sessions is kept safely and securely, and this information is not discussed with others without your consent.  At times it may be helpful to meet or talk with others involved in your life, but you will be consulted first, and all information shared will be kept to a minimum.

It is important to note that if you present a risk to yourself or others, then the Clinical Psychologist is legally required to respond to this and contact appropriate agencies.  If your child is the client and he/she is deemed to be at risk from the behaviour of others, the Clinical Psychologist is legally required to follow relevant child protection procedures and will contact the appropriate agencies.

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